The Wicker Hamper

We were delighted to be part of the 2016 London Horror Festival at The Old Red Lion Theatre with our production The Wicker Hamper, an evening of laughs, screams and blood on Winterisle, inspired by classics from the horror genre like Psycho and The Wicker Man.
When Winterisle loses the funding for its theatre, there's only one thing that can bring it back...a human sacrifice!
Marcie, the perfect sacrifice checks into the Bates Hotel & Golf Club, Winterisle’s best (and only) holiday destination. When the hotelier disappears Marcie is forced to investigate with a police officer from the mainland, not knowing that each step brings them closer and closer to The Wicker Hamper!

“I’ll be right back” is sure to get you killed
If you say those words your blood will soon be spilled
By chainsaw, axe or massive baseball bat
You won’t survive if you say “I’ll be right back”
The Old Red Lion Theatre (2016)
Directed by Stuart Vincent & Ed Hartland
Written by Ed Hartland
Cast: Hannah Grace-May, Elliot Thomas, Bethany Greenwood, Sophie Hughes, Donncha Kearney
Music: Marcus Frewin-Ridley